Supplements for a Raw or Home Cooked Diet

Bonnie Blumenfeld, RVT Holistic Animal Health Consultant Please Note: These are broad, generalized guidelines for healthy animals – obviously all animals are different and some may require more specific attention as well as a more specialized regimen. With many people feeding raw or home-cooked diets to their […]

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The Cat is Out of the Bag!

Yesterday, I interviewed dog trainer and author, Carol Lea Benjamin discussing her Invisible Disability Service Dog Training – which is going to be on our…..DRUM ROLL PLEASE… NEW WEBSITE!! It’s been a long time coming, we’ve put in a lot of hard work to make it happen […]

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DTC to a Salsa Beat!

DTC Celebrated the Holidays to the Tune of a Salsa Beat! While the rain kept some folks away last night – a group of intrepid dog trainers + 2 missing from the picture came out to celebrate the Holidays with DTC! We had a blast talking dogs and dog […]

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Sidney Mihls – Dog Training Instructor

Sidney was handicapped in a car accident in 1978 that left her with limited mobility.  She calls herself a “training instructor” and she’s almost never had a problem dog or a problem client.  How does she accomplish this?  By teaching people to handle their own dogs since […]

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Gaining More Sales (Part 3) – Highlight your Success!

                      Gaining more sales as a Dog Trainer by creating a business development SYSTEM By Malla Haridat Did you enjoy the earlier article on identifying your unique selling point and drafting a one year marketing plan?  I hope you took the time to work on some of […]

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