The Best Place to Board Your Dog – First Part

Interview with Dale Ketcham Dale Ketcham, owner of We Board Labs in Huntington, Long Island, NY, ( has worked with dogs for many years including volunteering to raise dogs for the Guide Dog Foundation, and she was certified as a positive reinforcement trainer through PetSmart. Nine years […]

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Training the Three-Year-Old-Puppy

TRAINING THE THREE-YEAR-OLD PUPPY  By Sidney Mihls This is an accurate title, because this is what you’ll be doing if you’ve adopted a retired Greyhound. Before I continue, you should know something about me. I’m a dog training instructor, which means I teach people to train their […]

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    A few months ago I put dog training on hold to focus all my energies and time on Dog Trainers’ Connection (my other passion).  That changed when I got a call from a woman who was looking to train her year old dog.  She wanted […]

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A Conversation with Steve Diller – Aggression – Part 3

Making Things Happen for Clients     Bonnie:  Have you had a case that you can think of where the dog was aggressive, you got your client to successfully manage it by following your advice and the dog’s behavior changed? Steve:  I’ll tell you about one of […]

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5 Steps to Using Facebook to Grow Your Business – Steps 3-5

Step 3: Post Relevant, Interesting Content on Your Page You want to give people a reason to “like” your page and want to interact with you. The only way to do this it to provide content that they like, want and need. And you want to be […]

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