5 Steps to Using Facebook to Grow Your Business – Steps 1 & 2

I know you have a lot on your plate trying to run and grow your dog training business, and learning another skill can seem overwhelming. However, there is no denying the power of social media, especially Facebook. Here are my steps to getting started with Facebook with […]

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A Conversation With Steve Diller – Aggression – Part 2

Biting Dogs – How cabling a dog to see how it bites can give clues to its aggressive behavior Steve: On this whole aggression thing – I did a presentation at one of the annual meetings for The Society of North American Dog Trainers. It was called […]

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The Silent Partner Speaks

It’s been almost ten years. Ten years since we started Dog Trainers’ Connection. Some of you know me. Some of you don’t. My name is Joel Filderman and I have been a part of Dog Trainers’ Connection since the beginning. I was the quiet person who was […]

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A Conversation With Steve Diller – Aggression – Part 1

Aggression Cases, Biting Dogs and Owner Compliance Bonnie: What are your thoughts on aggression in dogs and is biting always a bad thing? Steve: There are so many cases so there are the dogs that are going to bite and contextually they’re going to bite at times […]

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Q&A from Steve Diller Aggression Webinar

Dog Trainer Questions from the Webinar “Still Looking for the One Solution to Aggression Problems?  Or is There Really Such a Thing.” Trainer Question 1 Q:  I agree that the focus exercise is not a cure for aggression, however, what do you think of it as a […]

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