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Hi, I’m Bonnie Brown

I save dogs lives.

I’m on a mission to save dogs who are often seen as problems but really they are just anxious.
I’m a dog trainer with over 25 years experince helping dogs and their owners live better lives. 

I specialize in separation anxiety and I can help you to figure out if your dog is suffering from that. And, if they are, what you can do to get some much needed relief!

I have helped many owners build a better, more loving relationship with their dogs and have saved over 100 dogs from being sent to shelters or back to their breeders.

Whether it’s separation anxiety, housebreaking or other dog training issues I can help.

It may not be a quick fix. But if you both put in the time and the work you might be surprised what happens.

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Bonnie and her Norwegian Elkhound Akira
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Bonnie Sepanx Cert

What my clients say about me

Don’t just look at my years of training and my certifications. 
(Though I’m no slouch when it comes to those!)
Listen to some of my past dog training clients that I have worked with:

“Bonnies a great trainer!
We can now leave our Mastiff at home alone because of Bonnie’s work with us! She helped me understand what was going on with our dog and how to help him gain confidence.”

Thank you Bonnie for helping us with our puppy’s housebreaking problems. We’re getting more sleep now and your suggestions were really great.”

We reached out to Bonnie because our dog was barking during the day and since we worked at home it was a problem. She helped us figure out the causes and the barking got much better!”

What will you get by having a
Better Behaved Dog?

Neo Mastiff 2
My client Vivian and her Mastiff Rocky

A Happier Dog!

A Happier You!

Dogs who are better behaved are generally happier in their lives.


A Calmer Dog!

A Calmer You!

Dogs who are better behaved are usualy much calmer


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Steve Diller – stevediller.com

A Dog That Won’t Cost An Arm and a Leg To Keep Happy and Calm

Meaning you can live a happier, calmer life too!

What can I do for you?

Jose Menendez – K9Experts.com

I’ll look at your whole dog including it’s health, environment and happiness level and together we’ll come up with a training plan that works for both of you!

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Are you looking for a caring and knowledgeable dog trainer to help you with an issue that is going on with your dog?

Give me a call to find out if I’m the right dog trainer-match for you.

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