Gaining more sales (Part 2) – Designing your Marketing

Malla Haridat, Entrepreneur Coach

Gaining more sales as a Dog Trainer by creating a business development SYSTEM
by Malla Haridat

Did you enjoy the first article on the “Business of Your Business” for Dog Trainers?  I hope so!  Feel free to share feedback and thoughts about the first exercise where you worked on identifying what makes your dog training business unique.

That was the final deal closer when I hired my dog trainer for my Rottweiler puppy.  The trainer was very familiar with large breeds and taught my family and I how to manage her energy – both in the cute puppy stage and as she would get older and appear more intimidating to others.  It paid off greatly because we were able to bring her into all types of environments and people often complimented us on how well-mannered she was as she got older.

If you haven’t spent some time thinking about what makes you different, I encourage you to go back and review comments you’ve heard from clients.  What made them enjoy working with you and why would they recommend you to a friend?

For our second step, we are going to work on designing your marketing around your Unique Selling Point.

2.    Design your marketing around your Unique Selling Point

Spend time outlining a one year marketing plan for sharing your services.  Rather than always focusing on “getting the customer” think about all of the valuable information and tips you can share with your market and the methods that you can showcase your expertise.

•    Do you want to start a newsletter?

•    Can you offer specific tools online through various websites?

•    How about showcasing your experiences through a workshop – i.e., Dog Trainers’ Connection?

There a host of ways that you can share the value of what you offer.  Brainstorm the methods that interest you the most and devise a plan that includes a budget and regular time dedicated to marketing your business.

Here are some areas to get you started:

1.    Update your business cards and marketing materials to reflect your unique selling point.

2.    Start writing for industry publications or periodicals that your potential customers read.

3.    Revise your website to include tips and other relevant information.  If you already have info, spend time optimizing your search engine rankings so that your customers can find you easier if they are doing a basic Google search

Think about how much time you’ll need to spend each month on the plan.  You need to balance working with clients along with marketing your business –so be realistic and look to hire help where you can.  I’ve often encouraged clients to list all of their ideas first and associate how long they think each step will take.  Once they determine how long they think it will take (and it always is twice that amount of time!), they can then begin to pare down the list to a more realistic marketing strategy.

The goal is to be consistent.  So choose things that you know you will be interested in keeping up with, will best display your unique selling point and you’ll have the time to manage!

Stay tuned for the final step (Part 3) in the “Business of Your Business.”

Malla Haridat is a recognized expert in the specialized field of entrepreneurship education and has trained over 1,000 students. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States working in partnership with companies developing creative solutions for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.  A dynamic strategist and speaker, Malla works with a wide variety of organizations applying her creative talents to the challenges of business transformation. Her company was awarded the New York City Small Business Award of the Year by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a finalist in the Count Me in Urban Rebound program and has been featured in publications like The New York Times,, and Fox Small Business.



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