Outdoor Training Games in Oregon

I’m excited about my next podcast interview with dog trainer Dina Pavlis of Surf City Dog Training!


Dina Pavlis, ABCDT

Dina trains in Florence, Oregon which from Googling it, it looks like a beautiful part of our country! Pacific Coast, sand dunes, pine trees, rivers… wow! Above is a picture of Dina and one of her dogs. https://www.surfcitydogtraining.com/index.html

She’s developed some some truly exciting outdoor activities for her classes that she’s going to talk about and why she decided to focus on this kind of training. “Wilderness Parkour” anyone?!!

group_small (2)

Graduates of Dina’s 6-week “Whistle Recall” class!

In talking to her recently, I realized that she has a deep understanding of what trainers can go through when they adopt a rescue dog that doesn’t fit the mold they were looking for.  I’ve experienced that and it can be painful. She’ll talk about ways to overcome it and how to turn it into a positive experience for you and your dog.

Stay tuned for our upcoming podcast!


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