Kibble Is Not a Good Diet for Your Dog!

Kibble Is Not a Good Diet for Your Dog!


In this episode you’ll find out why even the better brands of kibble is not great nutrition for your dog.

Canine nutritionist Bonnie Blumenfeld talks about some shocking things that are added to many commercial kibble brands, the truth about rendering vats where kibble is made, why “grain-free” kibble isn’t carbohydrate free, and why you should walk away if you see the words “by-product” on a label.


  1. I feed my dog Orijen and Fromm Surf & Turf. These are 5 star kibble according to the “Dog Food Advisor”. This webinar is skewed to bad food, not the great quality dry foods.

    • Thanks for your comment Eric! Bonnie sent an answer:

      I totally agree that not all kibbles are created equal. I do believe the brands you mention are some of the very top ones. However, there are some downfalls of all kibble, no matter how good they are. First and foremost, they are dehydrated food, with all the ramifications that I talked about in the last podcast. The other problem is that, while these particular kibbles have more protein than a lot of others, a good part of it is coming from vegetables, not meat. Along with this, is the fact that the meat is not usually as good quality as canned food or whole meat, because of the limitations of the processing. You can mitigate some of the downfalls by adding good chicken or bone broth to the kibble and supplement with real food. In a future podcast I’ll talk about how to use the kibble as the carbohydrate part of the diet (maybe 25 to 50%) and the rest from real food. It’s not that difficult to prepare for yourself – you just need to know the percentages. Bonnie Blumenfeld, RVT

  2. May I have permission to share this link with my students and on my facebook page?
    Nice summary of the shortcomings of dry processed dog foods.

    • Yes Mary – you may share the podcast with your students and Facebook Page! Glad you like it!

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