How to Observe the “Structure” of a Dog

How to Observe the “Structure” of a Dog


Trainers need to learn how to observe a dog fully. While we mainly focus on training and behavior, it’s very important for us to look at the overall dog we’re working with and observe any possible physical issues that may be going on.

In my interview with Chiropractor Brian Corrigan of Jersey City, NJ who has been seeing people and their dogs for 20 years, he told me “It doesn’t work out if the person isn’t relaxed – I need to treat the person then their dog.” And isn’t that the same with dog training? Brian talks about how to observe a dog’s physical structure and what specific things to look for that may be signaling that the dog is in pain. And he shares other insightful tips that will be helpful to anyone working with dogs.

You’ll hear some of his success stories too. There are no machines in Brian’s practice – only his healing hands for people and their dogs!


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