How to play Tug with a Pit Bull

How to play Tug with a Pit Bull



Jeff Coltenback

Every wonder how to play tug of war safely with a Pit Bull or other strong dog – even if you’re not strong yourself?

Check out my podcast interview with Jeff Coltenback of Pitty Rescue, Inc. as he explains how to teach tug and what kind of dog is the best candidate for the game. Jeff’s been rescuing and using play training to train Pit Bulls and other dogs for many years so he’s definitely the person to teach it to you!


  1. I liked this discussion as I too love and own Pit Bulls. I train my therapy dog Solomon to do entertaining tricks for retirement home residents. Getting to tug on a rope at the end of a routine is just as rewarding as a treat to him, even more so. These dogs do love games. And yes, it is the best way to teach “out” or “give” (my word). One thing I would add, is that for a weaker person tugging a rope from side to side instead of pulling back towards oneself is fun for the dog and less strenuous for the person. It is a little less intense and the dog doesn’t inch up on the rope closer to the fingers this way. These podcasts are fun. Keep up the good work.

  2. How would you teach a dog to Drop It, if the dog has obsessive compulsive behavior and won’t give up the rope (ball, frisbie, toy)? No aggression at all, just won’t give it up. I have used treats, multiple ropes, (balls, freebies, etc.) I realize this is a question, but it is related to this issue.

    • Excellent question! DTC folks – what do you do in a case like Mary Kay is talking about?

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