Tellington TTouch Helps Aggressive Dogs

Tellington TTouch Helps Aggressive Dogs


What a treat that I got to interview a dog trainer named Dennis Fehling, CPDT-KA, CBATI of Friends for Life Dog Training in Central, Oregon. Not only is he one of a handful of men who are Guild Certified Tellington TTouch trainers, but he was the first man to be certified in BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training) by its founder, Grisha Stewart. Dennis describes how he uses TTouch with his aggression cases and talks about how he works with dogs that have severe bite histories. Are you familiar with “Treat and Retreat?” You’ll love what Dennis has to share!

  1. I’m not sure what the Treat & Retreat method is. Is there a helpful resource available that explains steps?

    • Dennis is going to do a webinar for DTC on how he uses Tellington TTouch in his aggression cases!

    • Hi Cathy, I was listening to this podcast and saw your comment. You helped us with Jenny 5 years ago and I lost track of you. Jenny is doing wonderfully and I have become certified as well – you were a great help to both of us.


  2. I am so happy to hear your interview with Dennis. I’m also a certified practitioner of the Tellington TTouch Method for Companion Animals, and I hope Dennis’s interview with you today will inspire more men and trainers in general to become certified in the method or to work in conjunction with a certified TTouch practitioner. It was a great interview. Kathy Cascade is remarkable in her work with animals, especially dogs who are considered reactive and/or aggressive. Dennis is such a great example of how the TTouch method can be used in combination with other positive based training methods for outstanding results that support the long term overall well being of the dog, not just a quick fix.

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