People End of Dog Training

People End of Dog Training


Ok folks – we know that we can train dogs and we love working with them. But what about the people end of dog training? Sometimes it’s not easy to motivate owners to do the work that you know will help their dog.

Dog trainer Colleen Demling, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, shares some crucial information about how you can help motivate people by observing their “learning styles.” She gives examples of the 3 different styles and then teaches you how to use what you’ve observed to get the person motivated and on board with your training program. She also gives you pointers on diffusing family disagreements that may come up in your sessions, citing examples of what she’s done in her own cases.

Colleen’s business has been voted the best dog training business in San Diego, CA for several years. This invaluable information will definitely help you with the people end of dog training and help your business grow as well!

  1. What does the session cost and when will it be broadcast?: Donna

    • Donna you can listen to the Podcast on our site now and it’s free!

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