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100% Pure Beef Liver

Happy Hudson Valley Hounds Liver Treats are a nutritious and healthy treat for your dog.  That's because there’s only one ingredient in it – LIVER – and nothing else!
We never add any chemicals, filler or any other substance like some other liver treat brands do.  

Our liver treats are baked not freeze dried.    
We slowly bake them and then dehydrate them for hours at a low temperature to keep all their healthy goodness in them. 

Some people think that liver is not healthy for dogs.
But did you know that it contains Vitamin A which helps to support digestion? It also contains Vitamin B which supports mental and nerve health and Vitamin D which is vital for a dog's immune system and may help to prevent cancer. Liver is also rich in Iron and contains minerals which help to support a dog's bones joints, skin and immune system.
Our Happy Hudson Valley Hounds liver treats for dogs are natural, healthy and homemade 
That's why:

Pups Luv ‘Em!

Each Bag is 4.5 oz

$15.99 for 1 bag

$29.99 for 2 Bags

$42.99 for 3 Bags

Order now and your treats will be shipped out within 5-7 days

(We make them to order)

Please choose between 1-3 Bags and Shipping or Pickup

Akira the Elkhound Luvs ‘Em

When we adopted Akira from a local shelter back in October 2020 she had very little training.

See what our Happy Hudson Valley Hounds Liver Treats can do!


“We have used Bonnie and Joel’s training treats for almost a year with our personal dogs and in our training programs. Good canine nutrition is a key part of our puppy and dog client education curriculum. Using healthy, nutritious, low carb, natural, fresh meat training treats that support a species specific diet is very important to our clients and me.The dogs love them too! 5 ☆”


Valerie Ann Erwin

Owner New Paltz Dog Training & Canine Adventures, New Paltz, NY

“My boys love these! I have given samples to my clients and their pups and the treats are a resounding success! My dog friends are devouring them! These are high quality treats without additives and fillers made locally. Highly Recommend!


Erica Taylor

Owner Go-To Girl Pet Care