Separation Anxiety & Stress…Oh My!

dogs home alone bookI really like Roger Abrantes’ book


A trainer suggested I get it when I took my first separation anxiety case.

It’s an excellent book with clearly written step-by-step instructions and diagrams. Sometimes by just doing the initial “BED” exercise, the dog relaxes enough to be able to stay home alone – of course if the dog owner works the exercise!

Even if you use another technique, the book has a lot of great information.

I just came across a blog post Abrantes wrote called


He says:   Bottom line: we need to be nuanced about stress. Events causing healthy stress responses are necessary for enhancing attention to details, formation of memory, creation of bonds, and learning—and too much stress or for too long works against it.

Good advice for me since I always worry about my dog Bianca’s stress level!

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