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Ines Gaschot, CPDT-KA

There’s a blog called The MODERN DOG TRAINER that’s well worth checking out – Wow… does it have some great information for dog trainers!

Founded in 2014 by Ines Gaschot, CPDT-KA and assisted by 9 contributing editors who are also dog trainers, The Modern Dog Trainer’s mission is to bring the dog training industry into the 21st century by as Ines puts it, “providing the most up to date industry tips to our readers.”

All the articles and information on the blog are specifically targeted to dog trainers including start-up tips for newbie dog trainers, tips on simplifying the operations of an existing business for established trainers, and there’s a tab GROW YOUR BUSINESS – AN INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING FOR DOG TRAINERS that takes you to an article Ines wrote where she discusses 5 strategies to get more clients.

For those of you who give REACTIVE DOG CLASSES or are looking into the possibility of starting them, Ines recently wrote a thought provoking article based on her own experiences where she had to overcome the challenges of teaching a reactive dog class.

She covers topics such as:

Management Solutions for Teaching a Reactive Dog Class in Imperfect Locations
Entering and Leaving Reactive Dog Class
Set Strict Rules for Your Clients
What Your Reactive Dog Clients Do Outside of Class Matters More Than What They Do During It

You can also subscribe to a program Ines created called THE LEASH AGGRESSION CLASSROOM. It’s a Video and Written Curriculum for you and your clients who own reactive dogs.

There are many great articles in the TRAINING METHODS tab as well as How-To videos. I liked the video history on Page 2 of how trainer Liz Wynant, CPDT-KA introduced her new cat to her resident dog, especially since we’re thinking of getting a cat!

Once you start looking around Ines’ site and clicking the various tabs it’s honestly hard to leave – so much great information! THE MODERN DOG TRAINER BLOG is certainly making an impact so sign up to their mailing list and stay up to date!

  1. A link would be helpful.

    • Carolyn – put your cursor over any phrase in capital letters and you will see the link!

  2. Would like to join you dog trainers organization.

    • Hi Ruth! Please join our mailing list if you already haven’t signed up so you can be a part of our organization. The sign up spot is on the bottom of our home page. Thanks!

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