Dog-Dog Aggression In-Home Case

Dog-Dog Aggression In-Home Case


In step-by-step, easy to understand details, dog trainer Joyce Keeteon, CBC, teaches you her 8-step training protocol she put into place when a family hired her because their two German Shepherds had attacked each other resulting in severe wounds requiring stitches and drains.

Included in the Mini-Webinar are Joyce’s initial recommendations to the family, details of how the two dogs were managed in the home, the obedience that was worked on, and how the two dogs were eventually brought back together.

Expert trainers you can expand your toolbox and pick up some tips, newbies can learn a detailed and step-by-step approach to working this type of dog-dog aggression case, and owners looking for information can see what kind of expert behavior help they should seek from a trainer.



Thank you so much Bonnie. I have a client in Woonsocket who’s going to need to execute what Joyce teaches. I’m trying to get her to buy it as well! I want to review it again to “brush up” on the particulars. Joyce does a great job explaining the finer details.

Brian P. Manning, CPDT-KA
Canine Behavioral Services Inc.

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