How to Work with Anxious & Shut Down Dogs

How to Work with Anxious & Shut Down Dogs


Working with anxious dogs can be difficult. It can be a tricky behavior to pinpoint and comes in many degrees and variations.

Using her own cases as examples, Joyce Keeton, CBC, behavior specialist is going to teach you:

  • How to recognize the varying degrees and signs of anxiety in dogs
  • How to spot a dog that is shutting down or anxious in a group class setting
  • How Positive Reinforcement can sometimes cause an anxious dog to shut down
  • How to advise the owners whose dogs are exhibiting anxious behavior
  • How to help dogs that are anxious at adoption events

    30 Minute Presentation with an extra 20 Minutes Q&A

    BONUS: PDF of Presentation Slides 

Joyce Keeton, CBC, is a specialist in working with dogs that are considered hopeless. She is often contacted by vets, shelters and organizations as a last resort when they have a dog that they are giving up on. She trains in the Loganville, Georgia area and is well respected in her community as a knowledegable and caring dog trainer. She worked in one of the first prison programs training inmates to train dogs, she was on an episode of Pit Bulls and Parolees, and she has presented webinars for DTC on dog-dog aggression and presented one of her difficult leash aggression cases in a workshop DTC held in New York City.



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