Marking Behavior in Small Dogs

Marking Behavior in Small Dogs


Dog trainer Steve Diller gives you several “How-To” formulas based on his personal cases so you learn to manage and sometimes fix indoor urine marking issues in small dogs. Marking is a very complicated and difficult issue, but Steve breaks it down into easily understandable sections including, the medical issues to first rule out and factors in the home environment that might cause the marking. Steve then walks you through what he did in two of his cases and the results.

You’ll get a list of the best equipment to use, and learn about Steve’s management plans for the dogs. One of the plans completely fixed the dog’s marking behavior.

This Mini-Webinar is appropriate for anyone who works with dogs and for pet owners to gain insight into the causes of the marking and ways to eliminate it.



I just finished watching the webinar and Steve gave a great overview of how to assess any marking behavior case, a detailed plan to put in place including various tools, protocols and training aids he uses. I highly recommend this webinar.

David Stagg
David’s Dog Training

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