Sidney Mihls – Dog Training Instructor


Sidney and Bonnie 2004

Sidney was handicapped in a car accident in 1978 that left her with limited mobility.  She calls herself a “training instructor” and she’s almost never had a problem dog or a problem client.  How does she accomplish this?  By teaching people to handle their own dogs since she rarely touches the dog or the leash herself.  The dog is solely focused on its owner and Sidney is their coach.

Sidney’s clients build positive working relationships with their dogs right from the start so the commands are easily learned and there is overall client satisfaction with the sessions.  In fact, once her clients finish her 10-12 week, Home Pet Course, they are good enough to hold their own in any competition obedience ring.

Sidney studied dog training with the renowned trainer and teacher of dog trainers, Captain Arthur Haggerty.  She went on to have a successful training career for over 40 years in the New York/Connecticut area.

In 1985 when the controversy arose about the treatment of retired Greyhounds, she took up their cause and became a specialist in training retired racing Greyhounds.  She’s the author of numerous articles on Greyhounds such as one entitled, “After the Race is over.”  Her article “A Touch of the Wild: the Temperament and Training of Racing Sled Dogs” was the Off-Lead cover story in January, 1976.

Sidney can be reached at Phoenix Assisted Living Facility, LLC in Cary, NC 27513.  She still has a few dog training clients that come to the nursing home to work with her and she turned 80 years old today!  She’d love to hear from dog trainers. Her phone number is:  919-460-8644

P.S.  She did an awesome workshop for DTC back in 2004 called “No More Behavior Problems! (Well, maybe not “no more” but pretty close)”

Member of:

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI)
International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

Past member of:
Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)
Early member and recording secretary – Society of North American Dog Trainers (SNADT)


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