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WOW!  We’re impressed with the accomplishments, goals and comments from DTC trainers letting us know what they’ve been up to.  DTC is very excited to share them with you!

Julie Lowrey Garner is looking for a trainer she can assist in the Paris, Texas area and April Du Plantier needs some advice on her Facebook Business page.  Can anyone help them out?


My name is Julie Lowrey Garner.  I am a retired Occupational Therapist.  I have Cerebral Palsy and am mildly afflicted. I have arthritis every where and am like an old car with worn out parts according to my orthopedic surgeon who loves his job of repairing these old parts. I have two Master’s degrees one in teaching college and one in teaching early childhood and elementary education. I live in Paris Texas and we have Petco trainers. I can’t get them to  let me help out in their classes. So I am embarking on shelter dog training  with the hope of eventually getting my CPDT- KA certification. My professional listing with the APDT association is Julie Garner, OTR Number 82243

I am self taught and live In a rural area. I would like to post a couple of things on the website as to what I am doing. I am recovering from a total knee replacement so am out of working with my dogs outside. Things to do while recovering from a surgery. Protect the surgical site with pillows so if they jump up and land on the injured leg it won’t hurt. Actually it is quite therapeutic for desensitizing the bruised area. Have some helper care for your dogs. Trust me it is better to ignore the dog than to get an injury on the surgical site. Use the walker for protection from jumping up on you. Do not rush into seeing your dogs until you have the endurance to enjoy their company. Use baby gates and crates to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Let the dogs know you love them but you can’t be overly free with them. Be sure your dog is sitting before you touch them. I have a ten month old mixed breed and a 2 year old Yorkie. Sit on the sofa with walker in front of you and a protective pillow around the leg for the first visit. I hope this is of use to someone else.



Ok you asked for it!!  I have four demo dogs and I like to show off their talents.   I have two mini Aussie that got their RN a month and a half ago and are going for their RA this weekend and novice obedience also starting an awesome rescue dog, American dog , AKC in rally novice. As a trainer I need to be an inspiration to my clients.  I also herd, do splash dogs, the obedience circuit and handle an exhibitor bred mini american shepherd.  I work full time as a trainer, I love it.

Terri Dickerson


photo2014 has been a year of expansion for The Dog Spot and for our training programs.  I have started to move away from structured group classes and focus more on individual training.  We added board and train as well as playcare and train to our list of services.  In addition, we are trying mini-private sessions to help people with their dog’s basic skills…one behavior at a time.  All of these services are proving to be very popular and we are already seeing great interest and success.

Joyce Keeton The Dog Spot – Loganville, GA


Eric & Annie - Therapy Dog

Eric & Annie – Therapy Dog

My fur pal, Annie and I have become a therapy dog team. Annie got her CGC certification via the AKC, as well as graduating from the Good Dog Foundation’s pet therapy training program. Annie is the Chocolate Lab in the photo.  The handsome guy in the rust colored sweater is me.  We volunteer once a week at a local psychiatric hospital (adolescent unit) and love the experience. The staff and residents like our visits as well.  It’s a win-win situation.  On a business note, it is slow at this time of year.

Eric Albert – Training Director at Best In Show Dog Training, LLC


I’m not social media savvy and my website just sits there with only 9 likes in a year. Could someone please put out a book called “Business Pages on Facebook for Dummies?” My goal this summer is to get some action and interaction on my business Facebook page. I do not have a personal Facebook page.

April DuPlantier


YAY dog! was recently a dog trainer finalist in the Independent Weekly’s Best of the Triangle for 2014! YAY! I am so gratified and appreciative.

Clare Reece-Glore YAY Dog!
Durham, NC


I’m so excited to share that I am finally going to be opening MY OWN training business in a few months. Just met with the owner of a pet supply store and will be renting space in the store for DogStar Training NJ. We will be signing a lease in about a month as the store is being renovated for opening in October!

Kathy Medel
DogStar Training NJ


I am in the process of setting and cleaning my backyard and looking to set up training and possibly boarding  in my basement.  I am having a slow go at this. So much garbage and weeds to contend with. I can’t wait.

Theresa Cahill
A1 Critter Sitters
Riverhead, NY

Stroudsburg Dog Training Center Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Sit, Stay, ‘N Play is proud of a successful first year, offering year-round dog training in Stroudsburg Sit, Stay, ‘N Play, located at 1501 North 5th Street in Stroudsburg, PA is celebrating their First Anniversary on July 26, 2014, and clients across Monroe, Pike, and Northampton Counties are experiencing the many benefits of partnering with a professional Dog Trainer.   The celebration will run from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.  Dog-friendly vendors will be in attendance as well as local rescues.  The day will also include live music and raffle items to benefit the local rescues in attendance.

Passion and the entrepreneurial spirit, along with a genuine love for animals, were the building blocks for Sit, Stay, ‘N Play in 2013. Owner and animal enthusiast, Lisa Kirschner is thrilled to tell her success story, a year after opening this dog training and social center.  There weren’t many growing pains throughout the last year, as owner of Sit, Stay, ‘N Play, Lisa Kirschner, utilized her business background to build the company and cultivate success. She turned her passion for dogs into an opportunity. “Many people have great ideas or wish they could do what they love. Having a good dog with lots of energy, I decided it was time to do what I love, which is to work with animals and help people better understand them.”

Lisa Kirschner
Sit, Stay, ‘N Play


Well I’m always eager to learn more and have been studying very hard. I am pleased to have passed the Animal Behavior College Level 2 trainers exam. (Highest level) Also I am training Deaf Dogs as well.

Amy Fischer ABCDT – L2
2nd Chance Obedience Training
Arf Adoption/ Training Consultant
Prison/Comm. Foster Coordinator


I have just moved down to Nashville TN from NYC and opened up my training business – Sabra Dog Training. I’m one of only 4 CPDTs in all of Nashville. I’m starting a Meet Up group for dog business people and I’m also a volunteer dog trainer with Agape Animal Rescue (waiting for my first assignment). The most exciting news is that I am the new dog trainer for the Davidson County Prison and Greyhound Rescue Foundation. The male inmates who qualify for the “Life Program” (there are about 12 of them currently) are assigned a Greyhound that has been rescued from racing situations. They are placed with inmates in jail for 8 weeks. During those 8 weeks the inmates are completely responsible for the dogs’ care. During that time I come in once a week and teach a 6-week basic obedience course, just as I would with any group class. The only difference is that in this situation I am behind bars with guards watching me. Once the dogs have completed their course they are placed in foster homes and then eventually adopted out. The men also get a certificate of completion and are allowed to repeat the course as many times as they want with new dogs that come in (as long as their behavior has earned them a spot in the class). I am in the middle of teaching my first course for them and have been asked to help the female inmates with the puppies that they receive from another organization in town as well. It is an honor to be helping dogs AND people! I absolutely LOVE teaching this class!

Ayelet Berger, CPDT-KA



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  1. It is me again! My mother had third TIA on July 20. One thing that would have helped was to have the dogs alert me but since my knee operation they are in their kennels at night. A major thing I feel every dog should be taught to do is a find (…….) . I have tried this using the come command and that was too confusing. So I watched a video on clicker training and what they say to do is to practice on human beings to go back and forth nonverbally to master the clicker. This video was done with children doing dog training and then demonstrating how to shape behavior. I just thought for people like me who have used shaping with humans but not with animals this might help us non clicker self trainers another way to practice the training skill. Another idea in the BOW WOW videos was to have clicker games where you click and toss the treat in a bowl to get timing of treat delivery quicker. The concept of the clicker is to teach the dog to think and figure out what to do on its own by using shaping. This same concept applies with adults, teenagers and all children. The basic idea is reinforce any attempt at good behavior and ignore bad behavior. Ignoring inappropriate behavior (which is what we all have trouble doing) is the fastest way to extinguish a behavior. Punishment or any attention at all only makes the behavior escalate and it is due to receiving attention for that bad behavior. These are some things I have learned over the years as an occupational therapist. I used to be called the sticker lady by the kids! If they did their work they got a sticker or the real treat was to carry my lunch tray back and get a reward for good behavior during lunch was to buy 2 ice creams one for me and one for the child.

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